Google Sheets is an amazing resource for students and teachers to utilize as a spreadsheet tool. Through use of this application educators and their pupils will be able to collaborate in the creation of charts and logs whose use would be invaluable in most science or economics classes. Take a look at this brief video detailing the many features of Google Sheets.

Meet the new Google Sheets01:22

Meet the new Google Sheets

Google Sheets become even more powerful when coupled with the creation of a Google form. The creator of a Google form is able to recieve feedback or data submissions from multiple users. This is a great way for a teacher to get some quick feedback on where the class stands, or survey co-workers on professoinal development projects. All form submissions are conveniently saved in a Google Sheet to your Drive.

A tour of Google Forms03:31

A tour of Google Forms

Refer to Task #2 on the Face-to-Face Session Page to utilize the Google Sheets application.

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