Similiar to Google Docs, you can create, share, and edit online drawings. Also, the drawings are then saved automatically to the users' Google Drive.

Google Drawings Icon

Many excellent benefits to using Google Drawings as an educator and as a student:

  1. Making key points jump off the paper-Using Google Drawings to a Google Document, Google Slides, or Google Presentation creates a visual aid for viewers to connect. You can use templates or create your own visualizations that helps with making text stand out on homework or a project.
  2. Use for Core Content Areas-Used as a visual aid, Google Drawings allows the user to review content by making a labeling worksheet, organize throughts through a graphic organizer, or create a number line.
  3. Format drawings-Adding text to a picture, customizing color sequences to word art images, and blend research into drawings improves the ability of the learner to make connections to content taught in the classroom.
  4. Commenting and Cross integrating Google Drawings into Docs, Sheets, and Slides-Continuing the conversation on completed work supports the learner to excel to new heights. By sharing a Google Drawing with others through their email address, the user is able to keep track of what comments have been sent, received, and responded to when promoting dialogue between the teacher and the learner.

The following video is a tutorial on how to share a Google Drawing. More importantly, it allows the user to customize their settings when sharing their drawing with each email recipient.

Google Drive Sharing A Drawing05:49

Google Drive Sharing A Drawing

A brief tutorial on how to use the many tools in the Google Drawings application:

Intro to Google Docs Drawing04:02

Intro to Google Docs Drawing

Refer to Task #4 on the Face-to-Face Session Page to utilize the Google Drawing application.

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