Before arriving at the face-to-face professional development session, take some time to get to know the Google Suite Applications as well as their benefits to an educational environment.

Start by reading "The Effects of Collaborative Writing Activity Using Google Docs on Students Writing Abilities." from the Turkish Online Journal of Educational Technology. This study compares the use of collaborative writing activities in person, to collaborative writing activities using Google Docs. In the comments, discuss the study's findings. Thinks to think about:

  • What benefits from Google Docs allowed one group to achieve more with collaborative writing activities?
  • How might these benefits show themselves in your classroom?
  • What other could students benefit from collaborative services like Google Dos?
  • What other ways, if any, have you observed Google services being used in the classroom?

Finally, take a look at each Google Application's wiki page for a brief overview and a few short videos to help familiarize yourself with the features in each Google Application.