There are many other services available from Google that can revolutionize your classroom and the way you teach. Google offers such a wide variety of products that it would be impossible to cover them all in one professional development session. Take a look at some of the other Google offerings, and how they can be used to step your classroom further into the 21st Century!

Advanced Google Searching Edit

  • "How Search Works"--Matt Cutts
    • In this quick introductory video Matt Cutts details exactly how Google's web-crawler indexes web pages, as well as ranks and orders results for individual searches.
  • "Filter Bubbles"--Eli Pariser
    • This TED talk demonstrates the dangers of personalized user-based web-content in search results and social media. It is essential to realize search personalization is happening if users are going to actively attempt to tailor their own search results.
  • "Punctuation, Symbols & Operators in Search"--Google Support
    • On this support page Google shows most of their advanced search operators and how they are used

YouTube Edit

Blogger Edit

  • "Using Blogs for Educational Purposes"--Joanna Dunlap & Ellen Stevens
    • This article describes many different ways blogs can be used in a classroom, as well as various hurdles that can arise when creating or maintaining a blog.
  • "Blogger Getting Started Guide"--Google Support
    • On this support page Google provides a solid foundation on creating an customizing a blog on "Blogger."

Google Sites Edit

  • "Teacher's Guide on the Use of Google Sites in the Classroom"
    • This article describes many ways that Google sites can be used in the classroom, as well as provides examples and tutorials on the creation and management of a Google sites.
  • "How Do I...In Google Sites"--University of Washington Bothell
    • This is an excellent resource for educators with specific questions about Google Site management. This FAQ is comprehensive and should answer all but the most advanced Google Site management questions.

Google Classroom Edit

  • "Classroom 101"--Google for Education
    • This brief introductory video does a great job at providing a quick overview of Google Classroom's capabilities.
  • "Getting Started with Google Classroom"--Alice Keeler
    • This video is a great overview for creating your first class and managing content and assignments on Google Classroom. Links are also provided to other great resources.
  • "About Classroom"--Google Support
    • This Google support page provides a decent overview for Google classroom features, as well as branches off to following pages detailing various FAQs and other classroom features.